How to filter data using Slicers?

You can use slicers to filter data that is formatted in a table quickly and easily. To insert a slicer into your Excel spreadsheet, select your table and go to the Insert tab. In the Filters group select Insert Slicer and choose the fields from the list you want a slicer to apply too.

You will now have a slicer in your spreadsheet. To use it, just select the option from the list that you want to view. For example, above I have chosen to see the food orders that Terry Walton dealt with.

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How to sort data into alphabetical order?

If you are finding it difficult to find information from a data source, you can sort it into alphabetical order.

How to Sort Your Data

1. Select the data you want to sort

2. Go to the Data tab > Sort and Filter Group and select the Sort A-Z icon for your data to be in alphabetical order, or the Z-A icon if you want it in reverse alphabetical order.

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