Remove or disable unnecessary add-ins on Word

In Word, there are plenty of add-ons that you can put on, you may or may not want these add-ons being enabled as they can slow down your software. To disable them, go to File and Options. Select Add-ons and press on the COMS Add-ins 'Go' at the bottom. By default, this will open a dialog box with all the enabled add-ins that you can simply untick and your software will go back to normal.

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How do I change the background word uses?

Within word, by default, you will not see a background only a colour. You can add different styles of backgrounds to your word to make it look more interesting, while this feature doesn't change how word functions in the slightest it is nice knowing you can change elements of word to your preference. Within the GIF, Geometry is selected as the style but you can pick from the list shown to change the little design in the top right corner of your software.

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